If a toe is over the toe closest to it, it is called an overbearing toe. Most often the reason is that you also have an oblique big toe, hallux valgus. On an oblique large toe, the toe tip points towards the other toes on the same foot. If the big toe is very oblique it can fold under or over the next toe.

It is quite common to have problems with the front of the foot and toes. If you have narrow shoes with soles that do not cushion the bumps in the foot, you are more likely to have problems. If you have parents who have overbearing tears, the risk is also greater that you will have it yourself.

Symptoms of a transient toe

Overbearing tears can become oblique and crooked and hurt. The toes can scratch against the shoe so that you get sore hardening.

Treatment of transient toe

If you have the trouble of an overpowering toe, use spacious, sturdy shoes that do not pinch.

Sometimes an overbearing toe can make you harden. They can be relieved by softening the foot with a foot bath and gently filing down the hard skin.

A rubber toe spreader that holds the toes apart and reduces pressure and pain is available in well-stocked shoe stores.

If you have problems despite good shoes, an orthopedic technician can try out or make a special sole. When it does not help with comfortable shoes and a special sole, you may sometimes need surgery. Then a piece of bone on the toe is removed so that it becomes shorter. Such operations are performed by orthopedics. During the operation, you get local anesthesia and you usually go home immediately afterward.

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