Neck restraint means that you suddenly get cramping in the neck muscles, it hurts and you get stiff in the neck.

The inconvenience can come when you have made a violent movement with your head or asleep in an uncomfortable position. But other times, there is no clear cause.

Symptoms of torticollis

You have cramping and pain at the same time as you have trouble moving your head. Usually, it is more difficult one way. It can hurt a lot when you try to turn your head.

What can I do for myself?

For most people, the evil in the neck goes away by itself within a few days or a week.

Heat can feel nice

Heat can often reduce the pain. For example, you can wrap a scarf around your neck or use a heating pad. There are also special wheat pads or grain pads that you heat up in the mic. A hot shower or hot bath can also feel comfortable and relieve the pain.

Movement is good

It is easy to believe that the body heals best when it is resting, but the body feels good when it is allowed to move. The increased blood circulation has a positive effect on the whole body and makes healing faster. You should try to avoid movements that hurt, but otherwise, you can continue to do what you usually do.

Prescription-free drugs can help

There are several different prescription drugs. Examples are drugs containing paracetamol and drugs belonging to the NSAID group, or cox inhibitors.

Here you can read about which prescription drugs are available and which may be suitable for you. 

When and where should I seek care?

You should contact your health care center if you have not recovered within two weeks.

You should contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible if you become weak and have numbness in one arm or hand in conjunction with pain in the neck. This also applies if you have a lot of pain in the neck. Contact a health care provider at once if you are stiff in the neck and at the same time have a fever and feel generally affected.

How can I prevent it?

You can try to prevent problems with the neck if you often get neck problems. It is good if you try to get started and move in different ways if you do not already exercise. For example, you can walk, go to Nordic walking or go to the gym. You need to build and strengthen the muscles of the neck, abdomen, and back. 

It is important that you sit or stand in the right position when working. The same applies if, for example, you sit and read for a while. The neck muscles are relieved if you keep your head straight and look straight ahead. The load increases as you bend your head. Therefore, avoid forward-bending loads if, for example, you sit and read longer. It is good if you take regular breaks and move around.

A pillow and bed that feel comfortable can also reduce the risk of new problems.

Ehtisham Nadeem

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