Sty in the eye


A cradle can be formed when a sebaceous gland becomes inflamed. It can feel tender and scratching at the eye. Sometimes the eyelid can become swollen and red. The quail usually disappears by itself without treatment.

Birds can vary in size and are common in both adults and children. Heat and massage can make inflammation heal faster. Recurring wails may be because you have dry eyelids or eyelid inflammation.

What is a wagon?

A wobble is a temporary inflammation in one of the sebaceous glands of the eye. Sometimes it is called getting a pimple in the eyelid. The bird can be marked in different ways. An outer cradle sits at the eyelashes. An inner vagina lies deeper in the eyelid.

Birds can vary in size. When the wiggle sits at the eyelash, it is called the outer wiggle. Often they are so small that they are barely visible. But sometimes they can get bigger, up to a few centimeters.

Symptoms of sty in the eye

You may experience any of the following inconveniences if you have received a vagal:

  • It feels tender and warm where the wiggle is, at the eyelid or in the eyelid.
  • You can see a small red swelling on the eyelid rim. Sometimes a yellow dot appears in the middle. Then it is an outer wagon.
  • You can see a deeper swelling of the eyelid. The skin around the swelling can also become red and swollen. Then it is an inner wagon.
  • It feels like something is rubbing against the eye.
  • You notice problems with vision. Then it may be a larger blur that presses the eye or where it comes out of a blur that breaks.

The trouble often goes away after a few days

Inflammation is usually the most troublesome during the first two to three days.

Eventually, the wobble dries. Sometimes it can take several weeks before the trouble is gone.

A lump that does not go away

A wiggle may at first feel sore, then dry together and form a small lump. The tuber does not feel sore. But it can scratch the eye or cause problems such as the eyelashes growing inward against the eye. It often disappears by itself, but it can take months.

The quail can be operated off with a little intervention if it has not disappeared after six months and causes trouble.

When and where should I seek care?

The vast majority of people who receive a wagon do not need to seek care because the problems usually go away by themselves without treatment sty in the eye.

If you have a lot of trouble with a quail, contact a  health center or on-call reception. For example, it could be any of the following:

  • Your eye or eyelid is very swollen, red and aching.
  • You have had the weasel for more than six months and it causes trouble.

What can I do for myself?

There are some things you can do to reduce the hassle once you have received a weasel.

Heat and massage the eyelid

Heat and massage open up the sebaceous gland and make healing faster. To reduce the hassle, try the following:

  1. Soak a cotton swab or soft towel with warm water.
  2. Turn out of the water and place it on the eyelid.
  3. Massage the eyelid against the lash line with the warm compress. Massage the upper eyelid from top to bottom and the lower eyelid from bottom to top, depending on where you have the wicker.
  4. Repeat at least four times a day, ten minutes each time.

If the cradle breaks

You can wash your eye and eyelid with regular warm water if the cradle breaks and it forms where. You can then continue to heat and massage until the problems go away. Wash your hands with soap and water before washing your eyes.

Do not wear lenses

Avoid using contact lenses when the womb is most inflamed.

Treatment of sty in the eye

You can buy a prescription eye ointment to relieve the hassle of wiggling the eye.

Sometimes, the wobble may need surgery. This is most often the case if the quail has not disappeared after six months and causes problems.

How can I prevent wails?

It is common for birds to return. You can prevent the inconvenience in several ways.

Advice if you have dry eyelids

It is common to get wiggles if you have dry eyelid edges. You can prevent the trouble by lubricating the eyelid rim with a softening eye ointment. The ointment is available for the prescription at pharmacies. Ask the pharmacy staff which ointment is the best fit.

Advice if you have eyelid inflammation

You can get recurring wails if you often have eyelid inflammation. You can prevent the inconvenience by heat and gentle massage of the eyelid.

Advice for preventing problems with skin diseases

You may have recurring vaginas if you have a skin condition, such as acne or rosacea. You can buy the ointment without a prescription at pharmacies. Ask the pharmacy staff which ointment is the best fit.

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