A latch is a small sheet of latex or plastic that you can use as a cover if you want to lick in and around someone’s sheath or anal opening.

You can use plastic patches made of plastic if you are allergic to latex.

Why should I use a lollipop

The risk of transmitting STDs in licking sex is very low. You can use licking flaps if you want to feel extra confident that no STDs are transmitted during licking sex.

Patches can look different and taste different

Lace patches are available in different colors and flavors. There is also a lace patch that looks like a mouthguard. It has rubber bands that you put behind your ears and an extra space for your tongue. The advantage of this is that you have your hands free and that you do not have to move the lick if you want to lick a larger area.

How do I use a lick?

To use a lick of paper, place it over the area to lick. For better attachment you can use lubricant. Often, you need to hold the lick for it to remain.

In order for the lick tag to function as a cover, it must cover the entire area you are licking. If you want to lick a larger area than the lick cover, move the lick so that you always have it between your mouth and where you lick. 

A lick of paper should only be used once and then thrown. Change lick if you lick someone and then you lick yourself. The same applies if you change the area, for example that you first lick around the vagina and then around the anal opening. It is also important to make sure that the same page on the lick is always facing the area you are licking, so that you do not accidentally flip the lick during the time you have sex.

Do not use skin cream or oil!

Avoid fat-based agents such as oil or skin cream along with latex patches. The grease can loosen up the protection and make it easier to break. On the other hand, using lubricants that are water- or silicone-based together with latex protection works very well.

There are different types of lubricants: water-based, silicone-based or lubricant which is a mixture of both agents. These agents can be used with all types of protection.

How do I keep lick tags?

Slip patches should be stored at room temperature and in a place where it does not rub against anything or is exposed to pressure. 

Where can I get licking patches?

Lick tags can be purchased in stores that sell erotic products.

How safe is licking patch?

Having oral sex and licking someone’s vagina or anal is in itself a pretty safe type of sex. The risk of contracting or transmitting STDs is small, even without protection. But some want to use a lick of paper to feel extra secure. In order for the flap to function as a protection, it is important that no body fluids come outside the flap.

Ehtisham Nadeem

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