A pilonidal cyst often appears as a warped bulge. It sits in the middle of the back end just where the buttocks split.

How does a pilonidal cyst form?

It is not entirely known how a pilonidal cyst occurs. Probably this is because a strand of hair has been pushed back into its hair follicle. This can cause inflammation of the hair follicle and it becomes swollen and tender.

Sometimes the inflamed hair follicle breaks. Then a small duct can be formed under the skin, a so-called fistula. It can also penetrate the skin. Then it often flows a little fluid or was out of the fistula opening. As a result, several fistula passages can form under the skin, and inflammation and bulging can come and go. Pilonidal cysts can become infected if bacteria enter through the fistula, and then a bulge can form.

One cause of hair follicle inflammation may be that you have a job where you sit still a lot. Pilonidal cysts are more common in men than in women and the symptoms often come in their twenties.

Symptoms of pilonidal cyst

There may be some smelly liquid from the area at the back end for a while, even if you do not feel any bum. But often you can detect a pilonidal cyst by getting a bulge that hurts.

Sometimes the problems can come and go in periods, even without treatment.

When and where should I seek care?

Contact a health care center if you get a bulge or if there is fluid or were from the back end.

Treatment for pilonidal cyst

A bully that hurts a lot may need to be emptied of where. Then the doctor cuts an incision in the buttocks. You get local anesthesia before. Then you have to go to a district nurse for a week to have the wound taken care of.

You may need surgery if the trouble often comes back. It is usually done when you have no inflammation. During the operation, you get back anesthesia or are anesthetized. After the surgery, it takes about a month before the wound has healed. After the operation, it can hurt and feel tight for one to two weeks. It can be difficult to sit for a while.

What can I do for myself?

It is good if you shave your hair and are careful with the hygiene in the area where the pilonidal cyst is located.

Influence and participate in your care

You can seek care at any medical center or open specialist clinic you want throughout the country.

In order for you to be involved in your care and treatment for pilonidal cyst, it is important that you understand the information you receive from the healthcare organization. Ask questions if you don’t understand.

Ehtisham Nadeem

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