Infection with yellow staphylococci


Yellow staphylococci are common bacteria that you can carry without any hassles. Yellow staphylococci can cause infected wounds and sometimes serious infections in the blood. They can also cause food poisoning. Most mild infections with staphylococci heal on their own, but sometimes antibiotic treatment is needed.

What are yellow staphylococci?

Yellow staphylococci are common bacteria that many carry without having any problems. The staphylococci are usually present in the nose, throat or other mucous membranes. You can also wear them on the skin, for example in groin and armpits.

Yellow staphylococci can cause infected wounds. They can also make you intoxicated. Bacteria from the skin then end up in the food when it has been cooked. Then a poison is formed in the food that causes food poisoning.

It is uncommon, but staphylococci can enter the body and cause a  serious infection in the blood or in, for example, a joint.

Symptoms of yellow staphylococci

The risk of getting an infection of the staphylococcus is greater if, for example, you have a wound or some serious illness.

Symptoms of skin infection

You may get abscesses or infection in a wound. Symptoms that a wound is infected are redness, swelling, and pain. You may also have a  fever.

Symptoms of food poisoning

During a food poisoning, it is common to feel nausea, get stomach cramps or vomit. You can also get diarrhea. You usually get sick one or a few hours after eating. The hassles usually reduce and go away within one or two days.

When and where should I seek care?

Contact a health care center if you have a minor skin infection or wound that is not healing for a week. You can contact many receptions by logging in.

If any of the following is true of you, contact a health center or on-call reception immediately: 

  • You have a major skin infection or wound that is infected.
  • You have a skin infection or an infected wound and at the same time have a fever.

If closed, you can wait until the on-call reception or medical center open.


You may be given a test if your doctor thinks you have an infection with yellow staphylococcus. The sample is taken with a culture stick from, for example, an infected wound or a mucosa.

Treatment for yellow staphylococci

Most mild infections with staphylococci heal on their own. Sometimes you may need antibiotic treatment.  You may also need treatment for the wound or buttock itself if you have one.

You who have a severe infection may need antibiotics directly in the blood, a treatment that you will then receive in hospitals.

Food poisoning goes by itself and is not treated with antibiotics. There is a lot you can do yourself to relieve the hassle.

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