Hard to get hold of


It is common to have difficulty getting ahold or retaining it at some point. The cause may be stress, anxiety or nervousness. It can also be due to a disease, such as atherosclerosis or diabetes. There are several drugs, aids, and treatments that enable most people to regain their ability to recover.

Difficulty getting a stand was previously called impotence. Today, it is often called erectile dysfunction, ED. It is common to find it difficult on a few occasions. There is nothing you need to worry about. But if you have many thoughts and concerns, it is good to seek help.

Causes of difficulties in getting hold

Many people find it difficult at some point to get a hold or to keep it, but for some, the trouble can often come for a long time. There may be several reasons why you are having difficulty getting a hold.

Sudden discomfort can be due to stress and fatigue

You can get sudden trouble with getting a stand even though it has worked well in the past. Then it may be because you are stressed, nervous or that you are feeling mentally ill. Fatigue can also impair your ability to cope. It is also common to find it difficult to cope when you are in crisis or have relationship problems.

If you are young and unable to get married, the most common cause is stress, such as being insecure about having sex.

Disorders that come gradually may be due to an illness

If the inconvenience comes gradually over a longer period, it may be because you have an illness.

Here are some examples of some illnesses and conditions that can help you to have a hard time:

  • diabetes
  • arteriosclerosis
  • Hypertension 
  • prostate
  • Depression
  • multiple sclerosis, MS  and other neurological disorders.

Some also find it difficult to stop after certain treatments, for example after surgery in the genital area or after radiation therapy.

Tobacco and alcohol reduce the ability to stop

When you smoke, blood circulation deteriorates. This can make it harder for you to get a job.

If you drink a lot of alcohol for an extended period of time, it can also impair your ability to get a hold. This is because alcohol causes the nerve cells to not function properly. Drinking a lot of alcohol on one occasion also reduces the ability to stop.

Medicines can make it harder to get a hold

Many drugs affect blood flow or interfere with the nerve signals. This applies, for example, to certain blood pressure agents, so-called beta-blockers. Some psychoactive drugs, such as benzodiazepines, as well as antidepressant drugs also interfere with the nerve signals and can affect your ability to cope.

Testosterone and stance

If you get very low levels of testosterone it can lead to decreased sex drive, decreased energy, depression, and difficulty getting through. Then you need help from the healthcare provider to find out the reason why you have low levels of testosterone. For example, it may be due to very severe obesity or hormonal disorders.

From the age of 40, the sex hormone testosterone begins to decline but not so much that it affects the ability to get a hold.

When and where should I seek care?

Contact a health care provider if you have recurring difficulties with getting a hold.

You who are younger can contact a youth reception. The age limit for going there is often 23 years, but it can vary between different receptions.

What can I do for myself?

Before you seek help, you can try to solve the problem on your own. Here are some tips on what you can do to increase your ability to stand:  

  • Stop smoking. Tobacco causes blood vessels to contract sharply. This complicates the flow of blood to the penis and makes it harder to get a hold. Therefore, it is good to smokeless or quit completely. When you quit tobacco, it may take time for your body to recover. So you may need to be patient before you notice any difference.
  • Drink less alcohol. Alcohol numbs the nervous system so that the signals that make you stand are more difficult to reach. Therefore, try to drink less alcohol or not drink alcohol at all.
  • Exercise. Exercise increases blood circulation which can increase the ability to stop. Sex can also be physically strenuous and therefore it is good if you stay in good shape with exercise.
  • Talk about the trouble. The hassle can sometimes disappear or decrease by itself when you talk about having a hard time getting along with the person or people you have sex with. 
  • Change your sex habits. Begin by carefully choosing the time and place to have sex. You who usually have sex in the evening can instead try to have sex in the morning. Long foreplay and different sex positions can also affect the position in different ways. Also, try to set aside enough time for sex so that you do not risk feeling stressed.

Treatment with drugs

There are effective drugs, which primarily improve the erection but do not cure the very basis of the trouble. Below are some of these drugs.


Caverject is a medicine that you take yourself with a syringe. It contains a substance, prostaglandin 1 (PGE 1), found naturally in the body.

The substance is injected into the penis’s swelling bodies with a very thin needle. It causes the muscles in the walls of the blood vessels to relax. The blood vessels are dilated and the penis is filled with blood, which gives you standing. It is good if a doctor or nurse is present when you take the first syringe. Then you will learn how to inject the drug into the penis yourself or the partner.

The drug starts to work after a few minutes and the effect usually lasts long enough to be able to have sex. Unlike Viagra and similar drugs, you get an erection without being sexually stimulated.


Bondil also contains prostaglandin. The drug consists of a small pin of wax, which you insert into the urethra. The agent then penetrates the mucosa of the urethra and into the surrounding swelling bodies.

It takes about ten minutes for the drug to work and the effect usually lasts long enough to be able to have sex.

The effect is usually not as good as when you take the medicine with a syringe, but you do not release the syringe.

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, and Spedra

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Spedra are part of a group of medicines that expand blood vessels. The difference between the different preparations is how fast they start working and how long they work. They also have partly different side effects.

Which means you prefer varies from person to person, so it is good if you try yourself if you are not satisfied with the effect.

The drugs are taken as tablets and the blood flow to the penis is increased and the swelling bodies can be filled with blood. When they swell, the penis stiffens. The remedies do not cause an erection, but facilitate erection if you become sexually aroused.

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Spedra are exempt from the drug discount. It takes recipes to get them, but you have to pay the full amount yourself.

Risks of buying drugs on the internet

It is important to know that trade in this type of drug via the internet is not serious. There are several risks to buying medicines online. Sometimes the drugs are counterfeit or completely ineffective. They can also be harmful to health. 

Other treatments of difficulties in getting a hold

Sometimes you can get help through therapy or various aids.

Treatment with psychotherapy

If psychological problems seem to be behind the problems, you may need to go into therapy. It involves conversations with a sexologist, a psychotherapist, a psychologist or a psychiatrist.


A rubber pubis ring that you thread over the penis causes the blood to remain and can thus make the stiffness of the penis sufficient. But before using penis rings, it may be good to consult a doctor or other expert in the field to find out the cause of the problem with the condition. You should also not use the rings for more than 20-30 minutes.

Vacuum pump

A vacuum pump is used to increase blood flow to the penis. It works by inserting the penis into a plastic cylinder connected to a small suction pump. When the air is sucked out of the tube, blood flows into the penis, which grows in size. When the penis is filled, you have the position. The effect is enhanced by ending the pump treatment by putting on a pubic ring around the penis root to prevent the blood from flowing back. Vacuum pumps are sold, for example, via the internet, mail order, and in health care stores. You can also get a vacuum pump recommended by a doctor.


An investigation usually begins with a call. Some think it is sensitive and difficult to talk about sexuality. Therefore, it is important that you feel confident in the person you meet.

To find out what inconvenience you have, the conversation can be about several different things, such as the following:

  • Your confidence in yourself. You may have difficulty trusting your own ability and dare not try to have sex.
  • Your sex drive. It is common for sexual desire to decrease during certain periods of life. This can be due to many things, such as stress and sleep disorders.
  • Your ability to stand. Are there times when you can get a stand? Does it work at masturbation? Do you ever wake up with a stand at night or in the morning? If you sometimes get up, is it enough to be able to have sex?
  • Your ability to get triggered. It is common for men not to ejaculate at sex with a partner. Almost one in four people did not receive it on the last occasion.
  • Your expectations of sex life and how you want it to work.

Information and advice can go a long way

Talking about the trouble can help some, as does the knowledge that help is available. Sometimes you may have unreasonable demands on your stand or too high expectations. With better knowledge of how the body works, some can make sexual intercourse work again.

Body examination, measurement, and sampling

After the call, a regular health examination may become relevant. It is often included then that a doctor or nurse knows the external genitalia, that is, the penis and the scrotum. It is also common for you to measure blood pressure and submit blood tests.

What happens in the body

When you get a hold, the penis is filled with blood and becomes bigger and stiff. A stance is an interaction between emotions, nervous system, blood vessels, muscles, and connective tissue.

A stance begins in the brain

A state begins in the brain where a visual impression, a touch, a scent or just a memory image stimulates particular nerve pathways. Nerve impulses are sent from the brain to the blood vessels in the penis when you see or remember something that is sexual arousal, or when you are sexually stimulated. Then the blood vessels of the penis dilate and the blood flow increases sharply. The penis contains swelling bodies with cavities. The nerve impulses allow the muscles surrounding the cavities of the swelling bodies to relax. Then the cavities can be filled with blood. The swelling bodies are surrounded by connective tissue which limits the size of the swelling body. When the swelling body is full of blood, the blood is prevented from flowing out again. This makes the penis bigger and stiff.

In addition to sexual stimulation, you may become unconscious during sleep. It can happen several times during one night. Sometimes you may even be triggered when you sleep. Often, you can also stand when you wake up in the morning because a filled bladder irritates the nerve fibers. 

When you can’t stand

If the stimulation from the nerve fibers is disturbed or diminished, the muscles contract and the flow of blood decreases. The swelling bodies decrease in size, the pressure on the connective tissue decreases and the blood flows out of the penis again, which causes the condition to disappear.

All the more common higher up the ages

Being unable to get a stand is more common the older you get. Almost every twenty people under the age of 50 have trouble getting a job. After the age of 55, more than half have some difficulties getting hold. After the age of 70, a quarter has regular complaints.

Advice to related parties

If a person has difficulty getting a hold or holding it, it does not mean that they have a reduced sexual desire or ability to ejaculate.

You as a partner have an important role in talking about the problem. For example, it can be good if you are clear that erection problems do not affect your feelings or your relationship. This usually reduces any stress related to performance. Try to vary your common sexuality and explore other ways to be intimate.

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