A femidom is protection from very thin plastic or latex that you insert into the vagina or anal before having intercourse. Femidom protects against STDs or pregnancy.

How to use a femidom

At the open end of the femdom is a large plastic ring that prevents it from sliding into the vagina or rectum during intercourse. On the inside is a smaller ring, which holds the condom in place from the inside. A femdom can be used as protection when you have intercourse in the vagina or anal.

The femdom should reach as far into the vagina or anal as possible, but the large ring should sit outside the vagina or anal. Inserting a femidom is not difficult, but you may need to do it a few times to get the technology.

To insert the femdom, you squeeze the smaller ring to make it narrow. Then press the femdom with your fingers. You can remove the smaller ring first if you have anal intercourse, but it can also remain. It may be easier to put the femdom on the penis or dildo first and then insert it into the anal. You can also insert a femidom with the ring and then remove the ring when it is inside.

When you or someone else insert a penis or dildo into the vagina or anal, it may be good to hold in the large ring as it may otherwise follow along. Then the femdom is better in place and you don’t have to hold in the big ring anymore. Cancel intercourse and change to a new femidom if the larger ring should slip in anyhow. In order for a femidom to protect against STDs or pregnancy, it is important that it sits in during the entire intercourse.

You can insert a femidom several hours before having intercourse.

Femidomas are disposable products

Once you have used a femidom once, throw it in the garbage. You should not throw it in the toilet.

How do I take out a femidom

Carefully pull out the femdom. The opening can be spun together first so that any sperm does not drain out. You do not need to take out a femidom immediately after the release in the same way as with regular condoms. A femidom may remain even if the penis has slackened.

You may need to use lubricants

It is important to use plenty of lubricant inside a femidom. It helps the penis or dildos to slide more easily. A femidom is worse off if there is a lot of friction between the condom and the penis or dildos.

For anal use, some lubricants may be needed on the outside of the femidom for insertion. However, do not use too much, because then it is easy that it sits worse in place.

Most femidoms are already treated with lubricants, but for the intercourse to be comfortable, more is often needed. You mainly put lubricants inside the condom or on the penis or dildos. On the outside of the semi dome, only as much lubricant as is needed to put it in place should be used. It is not always necessary.

There are different types of lubricants

You can buy lubricants at pharmacies, or at stores or internet sites that sell condoms and lubricants. There are different types: water-based, silicone-based or lubricant which is a mixture of both agents. They are good for use with all types of protection. You can choose which types of lubricant you prefer.

There are also oil-based lubricants, such as oil or skin cream. They can only be used with protection made of plastic. Along with latex protection, do not use oil-based lubricants. The fat can loosen up latex protection and make it easier to break.

Most femidoms are made of plastic, but there are also those made of latex. 

Where do I buy a femidom?

Femidom is available at stores selling erotic products. 

How do I keep a femidom?

A femidom should be stored at room temperature and in a place where it does not rub against anything. A femidom that is old or dehydrated bursts more easily.

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