You can get exercise pain if you strain your muscles heavily or in a new way. Then you can feel stiff and sore in the muscles you have loaded. Exercise pain goes away by itself and does not need to be treated.

What is exercise pain?

Exercise pain causes some muscles to swell and hurt. It’s not clear why the muscles are swollen. The workouts usually feel at most one to two days after the muscles are loaded. Most often, training pain goes away within a week. It is not dangerous to have exercise pains.

Both well-trained and untrained can get a headache.

Symptoms of exercise pain

You who have a headache feel stiff and sore in the muscles you have loaded. It can hurt especially the movements where the muscles work. You may also be a little weaker in the muscles before the pain releases.

When and where should I seek care?

Contact a health care center if the complications have worsened or have not passed in a week.

What can I do for myself?

If you are training and want to avoid exercise pain, do the following:

  • Increase training time and load incrementally.
  • Regular training.

Stretching and warming have very little or no effect on exercise pain. Many people still feel that it feels good to warm up before the workout and to stretch afterwards.

It is good if you who are in pain take it a little calmer with the workout or exercise the muscles that do not work.

Treatment of exercise pains

Exercise pain goes away by itself. Therefore, treatment is not necessary. Massage can relieve the aches and pains. It can also make it easier to exercise in an easy and soft way.

Ehtisham Nadeem

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