Early ejaculation means you get ejaculation after a very short time when you have sex. Some have had early ejaculation throughout their lives, while others come suddenly. Early ejaculation may be because you are stressed, nervous, or have any illness. It is common to get premature ejaculation and there is help to get.

What causes early ejaculation?

Here are some common causes of premature ejaculation:

  • Concerns, stress or that you are feeling mentally ill.
  • Diseases, such as prostate problems and diseases affecting the nervous system.
  • Erection problem. If you have difficulty getting a stand, it can lead to premature ejaculation.
  • Genetic causes, that is, some people have a faster ejaculation than others.

When should I seek care?

Contact a health center or a sexual reception for help with early ejaculation. You who are younger can contact a youth reception. The age limit for going there is often 23 years, but it can vary between different receptions. Sometimes it is possible to get help at a skin and sex reception that is found in some hospitals.

It is good if you have a booked visit that can be done in peace and quiet. Then you have plenty of time during the visit. Going to a drop-in reception can feel stressful.

What can I do for myself?

There are techniques that you can practice to delay ejaculation. When doing such exercises it is good if you have patience. They may need to be done for a long time before you notice any results. 

One way you can try is to try to find control of the ejaculation yourself by masturbating or having sex with someone else. It is important to be undisturbed in order to focus on one’s body, and how it feels.

Start-stop technology

The most common technique for training to delay its ejection is the one called start-stop. How many exercises it consists of and how to go about it may vary depending on where you read or who you are talking to. But what is common is that it is about exercising to be excited, without getting a trigger that you cannot control.

Feel how it feels

Masturbate and get ejaculation, but feel and think about how it feels. How and where does it feel? How does it change as the excitement increases? How does it feel right before the release comes? After doing this for a few days, you can start with the next exercise.

Find the feeling before the release

In the next phase, you masturbate until you start approaching ejaculation. Then a short break is made so that the excitement is slowed down. Feel how it feels when the trigger is on its way. Is it possible to find a special feeling before the release comes? It can feel like a numb feeling, a teasing or contraction in the abdomen.

Then repeat this three more times, and let the trigger come the fourth time. Do this every three days until you begin to recognize the emotions that come before the trigger. The amount of time you need to do this exercise is different, but do not be in a hurry without expecting it to take time.

Doing the exercise with a sexual partner may be the one that stimulates you with your hand instead of yourself

Exercise endurance

You continue as before but instead, do the exercises in the shower with hot water, or masturbate with the help of lubricant or oil. It is to create a warmer and more humid feeling when masturbating. When you can masturbate for three minutes without getting triggered and without having to interrupt, you can move on to the next phase.

If you do the exercise with a sex partner, you can instead lie on your back and let the partner confine the penis and ride you if possible. As you approach ejaculation, a break is made and the partner sits still, before starting again.

Able to check

Here you continue to masturbate in the shower or with oil or lubricant, but do not interrupt the stimulation when the triggering is coming. Instead, lower the tempo. The exercise is about finding the feeling of control by slowing down. To maintain control by finding a slower rhythm.

If the exercises are done when you have intercourse, you can instead do this exercise in the spoon or missionary position, depending on what you think feels best. 

clamping technology

Another technique you can use is the squeeze technique.

As you approach ejaculation, you squeeze your thumb and forefinger below the elbow and stop the ejaculation.

Regular training

You may need to continue doing exercises in order for the trained control to persist. To completely stop exercising and completely go back to having sex in the way you had before can reduce the effect of the exercises. So that it becomes more difficult to feel and control the trigger again. 

It is often good to get help from a sexologist

For these techniques to work, you need to exercise regularly for a few weeks or months. It may even happen that they do not help at all. Usually, it is easier to carry out these exercise programs if you are instructed by a  sexologist.

Treatment of premature ejaculation

Sometimes psychotherapy with a sexual orientation can serve as a treatment. This will help you to better recognize the body’s signals. Sometimes a few occasional conversations with a sexually knowledgeable doctor or nurse can make the problem of early ejaculation better or disappear completely.

You can also get help learning different techniques used in conjunction with sex.

There are drugs that can delay ejaculation. Even erection drugs can sometimes

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