Cuticle infection is caused by a small wound at the nail where bacteria or fungi can penetrate and grow. Cuticle infection usually goes away by itself.

The wound may be because you have torn orbit on the cuticle. It may also be because the edge of the nail cuts into the skin. It is called nail congestion and is most common to get on the big toe. 

Symptoms of cuticle Infection

These are common problems with cuticle infection:

  • You’re hurting about the nail.
  • You get hot, red and swollen around your nail.
  • It is formed everywhere.

What can I do for myself?

Mild cuticle infection you can treat yourself.

Wash with soap and water. It usually feels good and can facilitate healing if you put a compress moistened with water over the nail and attach it with a little gauze bandage. Lighten the dressing every few hours and moisturize the compress again.

When and where should I seek care?

Contact a health care center if any of the following is true of you:

  • You get deformity and pain around a nail.
  • The cuticle infection does not get better even though you have tried to relieve it yourself.

Treatment of cuticle Infection

A nurse or doctor can empty the product if you have a lot of trouble. Sometimes antibiotic treatment for cuticle Infection may be needed.

In some cases of recurrent problems, all or part of the nail can be removed.

Reduce the risk of cuticle infection

Do not cut the nails too short as there is a risk that they will cut into the skin as they grow. It is good to cut the toenails straight. It is best to use a straight nail or scissors. Round the nail edges with a nail file if they feel sharp.

Ehtisham Nadeem

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