A condom is a protection from very thin rubber or plastic that you can put on a penis or a dildo if you are going to have intercourse. Condom is easy to use and provides good protection against both STDs and pregnancy.

You can use condoms as protection against STDs in various types of sex such as vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse and if you have oral sex with a penis. In case of vaginal intercourse, the condom also protects against pregnancy.

How do I use a condom?

It is good to always check the condom’s best before date, that it is intact and that it has not dried out. A condom that is old or dehydrated will burst more easily.

You put the condom on a penis that is standing or on a dildo. In order for the condom to provide good protection, it is important that it is worn throughout the entire intercourse without breaking or slipping.

Pull the penis out carefully if ejaculation has entered the condom. Then no sperm will leak into the vagina, anal or mouth. 

To use a condom: 

  1. Remove the condom from the package.
  2. Roll up the condom a bit so that it shows which way it should be rolled.
  3. A penis should be hard when rolling on the condom. Withdraw any foreskin.
  4. You can apply a small amount of lubricant to the eyelid before applying the condom. It can make it feel more comfortable.
  5. Place the condom on top of the eyelid, pressing your fingers on the top of the condom while rolling down the condom. No air should come in between the condom and penis or dildos.
  6. When you have rolled down the condom all the way down, you first hurry up the condom a bit and then roll it down again until there is nothing left to roll out.
  7. If the condom is seated on a penis, pull it out before the stand is folded if you have intercourse.
  8. Hold the condom down at the root of the penis as the penis is pulled out. Then the condom remains.
  9. Throw the condom in the garbage. Do not flush it in the toilet.

There is also an instruction manual on the condom package that shows how to use the condom. 

To keep in mind when using a condom

You can only use one condom once. It is therefore not possible to wash it and use it several times.

Do not use multiple condoms at the same time. The friction allows them to break.

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