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Read more about problems and diseases of the rectum and rectum opening. Here is also advice on what you can do yourself to relieve.

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Spring Worm

pringworm is a common but harmless intestinal parasite. The most obvious symptom is that it itches in the buttocks, especially at night and at night. The treatment consists of medicines and being careful with hygiene.

anusDiseasesStomach and intestine

Itching in the Rectum

Itching in or around the rectum is common in both adults and children. The itching may be due to various things, such as the skin around the rectum opening being washed too often, hemorrhoids or tapeworms. It can also itch without any cause. You can relieve the itching in different ways.

anusDiseasesStomach and intestine


Hemorrhoids are a common, but usually harmless, problem. It can bleed, itch and sting around the rectum. It can also leak a bit of mucus or stool and you may feel something bulging at the rectum opening. Hemorrhoids often get better by themselves, but you may need medicines that relieve.

anusDiseasesStomach and intestine

Fecal Incontinence

Stool incontinence means it leaks poop without you being able to prevent it. The fact that it is delicious may be due to different things. There is a lot you can do yourself to relieve, but sometimes an operation may be needed. Having stool incontinence is more common than many people think.