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Here you can read about skin disorders such as rash, itching and skin changes. You can also read about the troubles in hair and nails.

DiseasesScalp and hair folliclesSkin, hair and nails

Ringworm and scalp

Some fungal species can cause infections on the body and scalp. The infection causes rashes and itching on the skin, so-called ringworm, or scaly patches on the scalp. The infection occurs through body contact from person to person or from pets to humans. The infection is uncommon, but sometimes epidemics can occur in, for example, preschools.

DiseasesHardens and self-cracksSkin, hair and nails

Hardens and corns

You may get a hardening if you use shoes that press against the foot. Then the skin becomes hard and thick. You can then get a cornucopia if the hardening is strained or worn for a long time. Then the hardness is pressed into the skin like a thorn and it can hurt a lot. You can get rid of the hassle but it can take time.

Birthmarks and skin changesDiseasesSkin, hair and nails

Hemangioma in children

Hemangioma, also known as a strawberry mark, appears as a mark on the skin and is most common in children up to one year. Most hemangiomas do not cause any problems and disappear by themselves. Contact bvc if the child is older than six weeks when they occur, or if the child has six hemangiomas or more.

Bumps, humps and acneDiseasesSkin, hair and nails


Acne, often called pimples, is a rash that is caused by inflamed sebaceous glands. Acne is common and completely harmless. Often, acne occurs on the face, chest and back where you have the most sebaceous glands. Acne is not due to poor hygiene. It is possible to get rid of acne, although it may take some time.

DiseasesSkin, hair and nails

Leg ulcers

Leg ulcers are ulcers on the feet or lower legs that do not heal within six weeks. The most common cause of leg ulcers is that the blood circulation in the legs does not work properly. Most people get rid of their leg wounds but it can take a long time, sometimes several years.