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Are you stiff or have pain in a muscle Here you can read more about tennis elbow and muscle rheumatism, among other things.

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Fibromyalgia involves long-term pain or pain in the muscles at several places in the body. With fibromyalgia you also have an increased pain sensitivity. There are treatments that can relieve the hassle so you can live a good life despite the illness.

DiseasesMusclesSkeletons, joints and muscles

Muscular Rheumatism

Muscle rheumatism is an inflammatory disease also called polymyalgia rheumatism. It causes you pain and becomes stiff in your body. When you receive treatment, the hassles usually quickly relieve or disappear completely. The disease usually heals itself over time.

DiseasesMusclesSkeletons, joints and muscles

Tennis Elbow

If you have a tennis elbow, it will hurt the muscle brackets on the outside of the elbow. This may be because you have worked a lot with your hands and strained the muscles that stretch your fingers and wrist. You can get tennis elbow, including hard body work, carpentry or playing tennis.