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Here you can read more about diseases that cause hips problems.

DiseasesHipsSkeletons, joints and muscles

Hip Osteoarthritis

Hip arthrosis means you get hurt from the groin area as you move. You get less mobility in the hip as the cartilage and joint surface change and thinning. Cartilage is a type of tissue that allows the bones of the skeleton to slide against each other. It gives the load and distributes the load evenly in the joint. Hip arthritis is one of the most common joint diseases.

DiseasesHipsSkeletons, joints and muscles

Hip Joint Dislocation in Newborns

Congenital hip dislocation is also known as congenital hip joint instability. This means that the ball can easily be moved out of its normal position. Sometimes one or both hip joints may be in the wrong position when the baby is born. The hip joints are examined on all newborn babies at BB.