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For example, do you have wrist or mouse arm pain? Here you can read more about various problems from arms and hands.

Arms and handsDiseasesSkeletons, joints and muscles

Trigger Finger in Children

Trigger finger, also called spring finger, is most common in older people but also occurs in infants. It usually turns out that the child can not stretch on the thumb. Occasionally the thumb will lock. This is because the bend tendon to the outer end of the thumb has thickened and hooks itself into the tendon.

Arms and handsDiseasesSkeletons, joints and muscles


Mouse arm is a collective name for various problems that you can get from your hand and arm if you often use a computer mouse. The problems can manifest in different ways, partly depending on which part of the arm or hand you are in pain, and whether it is muscles, ligaments, tendons or nerves that hurt.

Arms and handsDiseasesSkeletons, joints and muscles

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The carpal tunnel is a channel that exists between several legs and a strong ligament in the palm of the hand. Through the canal, an important nerve, the median nerve, and tendons pass to the muscles of the fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by nerve constriction when the space has decreased.