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Diseases: symptoms and treatments

DiseasesSkeletons, joints and muscles

Growing Pains

A child who wakes up at night and aches in his legs may have a sore throat if they are completely uncomfortable during the day. Plant pain can occur at any age, but is most common between the ages of three and ten. It is not dangerous, although the child can sometimes be very hurt.

Back and neckDiseasesSkeletons, joints and muscles


If you have a herniated disk, a disk located between the vertebral vertebrae has broken and curves towards the spinal canal. It is common and often does not hurt. But if the disc presses against the spinal cord or nerve roots, you may get back pain or sciatica, which is a radiant pain in the leg. Usually, the pain goes away by itself after a certain amount of time, but sometimes surgery may be needed.

Back and neckDiseasesSkeletons, joints and muscles


Neck restraint means that you suddenly get cramping in the neck muscles, it hurts and you get stiff in the neck. The inconvenience can come when you have made a violent movement with your head or asleep in an uncomfortable position. But other times, there is no clear cause.

Back and neckDiseasesSkeletons, joints and muscles

Sore and Shoulder Pain

It is common to have pain in the shoulders and neck. For the most part, the pain or pain goes away by itself and is not a sign of any illness. For example, you may have become stiff in your muscles after sitting for a long time or working in a difficult position. Sometimes the pain can also be due to stress or problems with a muscle attachment.

Back and neckDiseasesSkeletons, joints and muscles

Whiplash Injury

A whiplash injury can occur when the body is suddenly subjected to an external force that throws the head from one outer position to another. The injury can be described as a puncture of the neck that can cause everything from mild to more severe symptoms.

Back and neckDiseasesSkeletons, joints and muscles


Having scoliosis means having a crooked spine. A common type of scoliosis is because the legs are different in length, which causes the pelvis to be tilted. Then the spine straightens when sitting or lying down. In another type of scoliosis, the spine is never straightened and the cause is usually unknown.

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Fibromyalgia involves long-term pain or pain in the muscles at several places in the body. With fibromyalgia you also have an increased pain sensitivity. There are treatments that can relieve the hassle so you can live a good life despite the illness.

DiseasesMusclesSkeletons, joints and muscles

Muscular Rheumatism

Muscle rheumatism is an inflammatory disease also called polymyalgia rheumatism. It causes you pain and becomes stiff in your body. When you receive treatment, the hassles usually quickly relieve or disappear completely. The disease usually heals itself over time.

DiseasesMusclesSkeletons, joints and muscles

Tennis Elbow

If you have a tennis elbow, it will hurt the muscle brackets on the outside of the elbow. This may be because you have worked a lot with your hands and strained the muscles that stretch your fingers and wrist. You can get tennis elbow, including hard body work, carpentry or playing tennis.

DiseasesLeadsSkeletons, joints and muscles

Joint Pain

It is common to have joint pain. The joint pain usually goes away by itself. Sometimes joint pain can be caused by a serious illness. You should seek care if a joint suddenly swells and you at the same time have a fever or feel very ill.

DiseasesLeadsSkeletons, joints and muscles

Rheumatoid arthritis – RA

Rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, RA, is an inflammatory disease that often begins in small joints of the hands and feet. The joints swell, become sore and you get sore. Rheumatism cannot be cured, but with medication and physiotherapy the inflammation can be suppressed and the pain relieved.