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Wisdom Teeth that Cause Problems

The teeth that sit at the back of each jaw are called wisdom teeth. They can cause various problems by, for example, easily becoming inflamed and injuring the tooth in front and causing problems with the gums. In addition, it can be difficult to keep wisdom teeth clean.

DiseasesMouth and teethTeeth


Toothache is a sign that one or more teeth have been damaged for some reason. That it hurts is because the nerve in a tooth has become inflamed or infected.

DiseasesMouth and teethTeeth


Tartar is very common and forms when bacterial coatings stuck to the teeth come into contact with saliva. It is important to remove tartar, because tartar can lead to gingivitis and tooth loss. There are several ways to remove tartar.

DiseasesMouth and teethTeeth

When Children Bite

It is common for young children to bite themselves or others. Often this is because the child has not yet learned to express himself in words, and the biting becomes a way to make contact and show emotions. Young children do not bite to be mean or troublesome. They often have close feelings and can be impulsive. If your child bits, it is important that you mark immediately, but calmly. A child who has been bitten rarely needs care.

DiseasesMouth and teethTeeth

Sparkle and Squeeze Teeth

It is common to grin and squeeze teeth. It usually happens when you sleep, which means you don't notice it. It can also happen when you are awake. You may notice it if your teeth wear out quickly or if you get sore and get hurt in the jaws.