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Anxiety can feel different and depend on different things. Here you can read about different types of anxiety, what you can do yourself to relieve as well as where and when to seek care.

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Spray Fear

It is common to be afraid of taking syringes and blood tests. There are several things you can do yourself to reduce the feeling of discomfort and better manage needle-stick situations. It is considered a phobia if your fear is strong and limits you. Then you can get treatment.

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Social anxiety

Social anxiety means that you are afraid of getting into situations with other people, where you risk feeling lost or scrutinized. It can lead to you avoiding social contexts. Seek care if your anxiety hinders you in your everyday life. There are treatments that help.

AnxietyDiseasesMental illnesses and disorders

Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, PTSD

It can be difficult to feel good again after experiencing scary events such as accidents, war and sexual or physical violence. You may have symptoms such as nightmares, having difficulty concentrating and being relieved. With the right treatment, many people with post-traumatic stress disorder have good chances to feel good again.

AnxietyDiseasesMental illnesses and disorders

OCD – Forced Syndrome

Most have at some time had hard thoughts and have felt a compulsion to do certain things. It may be to double check if the door is really locked or the cooker is off. In obsessive-compulsive disorder, thoughts take up a lot of your time and you often have anxiety. Those who want help can get good treatments.

AnxietyDiseasesMental illnesses and disorders


You may have what is called phobia if you are so scared of something that you do everything to avoid it. For example, there may be certain animals, places or situations. If your phobia has started to limit you in life, you may need to seek help. There are treatments that help.