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Here you can read about diseases and disorders of the scrotum and testicles.

DiseasesGenitalsPurse and testicles

Testicular Rotation

Sudden pain in the scrotum may be due to a testicle twisting. Then the blood supply to the testicle deteriorates and in the worst case, it ceases completely. Rapid treatment is required to prevent damage to the testicle.

DiseasesGenitalsPurse and testicles

Testicular Inflammation

Testicular inflammation can cause you pain in the scrotum, fever and feel ill. Seek medical attention at a medical center or emergency room if you suddenly get a sore throat. It is important that you be examined to find out what the pain is due to.

DiseasesGenitalsPurse and testicles

Testicle that did not come down into the scrotum

In some children, one or both testicles have not entered the scrotum when the child is born. Occasionally the testicle descends into the scrotum itself during the first half of the year. For premature babies, it is quite common for testicles not to be present in the scrotum at birth. Sometimes the testicle needs to be moved with an operation.

DiseasesGenitalsPurse and testicles

Swollen scrotum

Here we address some different problems that cause the scrotum to become swollen. Usually, no treatment is needed, but sometimes you may need surgery. Contact a health center if the scrotum swells, to be examined and find out what the cause is. Swollen scrotum is sometimes called a scrotal hernia.

DiseasesGenitalsPurse and testicles

Pains in the Scrotum Before Puberty

The fact that children who have not reached puberty get hurt in the scrotum is unusual, but sometimes happens. If a child gets sore in the scrotum, it is important to seek care right away because it is very difficult to know what is causing the pain. Some problems need surgery immediately.